1. Matka 2024 Workshop Day event date and venue:
    Wednesday, 17 January 2024 in Messukeskus Helsinki, Helsinki Expo and Conference Centre, Hall 5. Address: Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki.
  2. Meeting calendars will be opened on 5 December 2023. Meetings can be requested for three days: 17-19 January, if exhibitor is exhibiting also on 19 January. Meeting request will expire after a certain time as follows:
    5 December – 1 January: 14 days
    2 – 7 January: 5 days
    8 – 14 January: 3 days
    as of 15 January: 1 day

On 17 January, meetings will take place in Hall 5, at suppliers' tables. Meetings between Event Partners and Buyers or Media, will take place on 'Event Partner area' in Hall 5. On 18-19 January, meetings will be held on suppliers' stands in the exhibition halls. 

Suppliers can request meetings from Buyers, Media and Event Partners, and vice versa. It is always in the power of the one to whom the request of a meeting is made, to accept or decline the request. 

  1. If you want to print your calendar, you can do it in advance, or at the event venue on 17 January, if an update is needed.
  2. Every delegate needs to register in advance, and print name badge before leaving for Messukeskus Helsinki. Your name badge is also your ticket to Matka Workshop Day. It will open gates in Messukeskus lobby and give access to the event hall. You find your badge on your personal home page. Badge holders and lanyards are available in the event hall. 

If a colleague joins you, you can register more delegates from the same company under the same company profile. Also, s/he needs to have a printed name badge when arriving to event venue. There is no registration on the event site, and you will need the QR code on the badge to be able to access the premises and the event hall. Please also wear the badge at all times on 17 January.

Buyers, Media and Event Partners have free access to the fair and free-of-charge cloakroom with their Workshop Day badge also on 18-21 January. Suppliers need to have exhibitor passes on 18-21 January. For more info, please click to: Matka 2024 Exhibitor Passes, or in Finnish:  Matka 2024 Naytteilleasettajien kulkuluvat

  1. Programme on Wednesday 17 January 2024 Meetings will take place in Hall 5, at suppliers' tables. Meetings between Event Partners and Buyers or Media, will take place on 'Event Partner area' in Hall 5
  2. Public transport to Messukeskus in Helsinki  Route planner to Messukeskus
  3. Entrances: Southern (main) entrance on Messuaukio 1. If you arrive by car, please use Northern (Expo Car Park; Messuparkki) entrance. Click here for more information on parking: Parking in Messukeskus Opening of entrances on 17 January: Northern (Expo Car Park) entrance: 7:30 - 18:30 Southern (main) entrance: 7:30 – 18:30.
  4. On Wednesday 17 January, cloakroom is open at the Southern (main) entrance only. It is free of charge for all Matka Workshop Day participants. On 18-21 January cloakroom is free of charge for Buyers, Media and Event Partners when you wear your Matka Workshop Day name badge. 
  5. Lunch and coffee breaks are included in the programme on Wednesday 17 January. If you need more breaks, please block slots in your calendar.
  6. Lunch is served between 11:25 - 12:55 in the following restaurants: Fair Buffet by Pihka (next to Hall 5), Kajo and Platta 2 (towards Hotel Holiday Inn; follow the signage). Lunch includes take-away coffee. Coffee in the Workshop Hall will be available at 14:55 – 15:25.
  7. Evening reception is hosted by City of Helsinki and it will be held in the ballroom of the city hall. Bus transfer will leave for the venue at 17:45 around the corner of Holiday Inn Hotel. Entrance is only against confirmation of participation. Registration is closed.